Eternity Roses It's a boy

Eternity Roses It's a boy


Large 36 Stems Stems of Hayal Flowers ETERNITY long lasting preserved


Hayal Flowers Eternity rose last up to one year.


    Keep in a cool, dry place away from excess heat and humidity.

    Temperature 60-70 F 

    Do not water the roses 

    Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

    Do not removed roses from the boxed 

    Please use duster to clean petals 


    Preservation is a form of drying, although it is much more sophisticated. The result is completely different. The preservation technique allows flowers to maintain a completely natural appearance and feel, as if they were freshly-cut flowers!
    This is achieved as follows: Fresh Roses are cut when they are most beautiful and radiant. Instead of leaving them to dry, they undergo a rehydration process by being placed in a mixture made from glycerine and other plant elements. This liquid gradually rises through the trunk until it completely substitutes the sap. After a few days, the process is complete and the plant is ready to be used.
    The final result is a flexible flower with a completely natural appearance. The preservative keeps working for years! With minimal care, you can enjoy our preserved roses for a long time.



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